Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nothing Last Forever - Great Sewing Blogs No Longer Posting

In an ongoing effort to organize and simplify my life, I decided to go through the blogs I'm following and retire from my list any that have not posted in over a year.  I was sad to see that some inspiring bloggers are not longer blogging.  I understand that life changes and I hope all of these bloggers are moving on and up to better things.

In an effort not to lose the links to some great posts, I am listing the retired blogs here and a few examples of postings.  I do hope they do not disappear into cyberspace.

Charlie's Sewing Vintage

Cici Speaks

Designer on a Budget

Five Guineas - Vintage Sewing

Vintage Poppies Blouse
1950's Economy Design E47


Some Notes on Pattern Alterations

Houston Crafter - Not a lot of post but some cute blogs on sewing for children.

Romantic History Historical Clothing

and she is still blogging on Romantic History

Sew Vintage Patterns (If You Can't Find It, Make It!)

Sewing Success sewing Blog

The Costume Blog

                                             Purple Renaissance Bride's Maid Gown

The Dart and the Hem

The Historical Sewing Blog

The Pin Curl Diaries

1940s Overalls - Simplicity 3322

The Vintage Traveler - Old Blog
New blog can be found here.

Very Prairie - A Fashion Sewing Blog

Wardrobe Refashion
The founder of this blog has her own blog:  Nikki Shell 

Does anyone know where "My Renaissance, Georgian, Colonial and Victorian Garb" has gone?  Its address use to be:

Happy Sewing!