Monday, December 6, 2010

I Won a Giveaway ... Yeah ... I think.

I won my second giveaway in one year! Yes, the pattern and fabric are just as they appear in the photo. Eileen at Eileen Fashions did not misrepresent the giveaway in any way. BTW, please check out her blog if you are not familiar with it. So, why am I so happy with this "ugly" win? Well, the fabric is growing on me (it reminds me of a lazy boy one of my uncles had) and, as the pattern is not my size, it gives me the opportunity to practice my pattern alterations and to practice working with patterned - plaid - fabrics. Worst case scenario ... I hate it. Best case scenario ... I become a much better seamstress and get a head start on my Halloween Costume. Frankly, I think this is a no lose situation. Thanks Eileen. I am Happy!