Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever ... Somes blogs that have moved on.

It is sad to see a good blog go but I will take it as an opportunity to discover other great blogs. A couple have moved and some have stopped blogging. I hope they are just too busy enjoying life to post.

Holly Dai - Snowflake Costume
Art Deco - Celebrating the Jazz Age
Bijou Beaute seems to be on hiatus.

No No's Sew Hip Blog

Cupcake Goddess
She's not gone; she's just moved to A Fashionable Stitch

Sewing and Burlesque

Philigry - Turn a Coat Into a Bag

Vintage inspired sewing, vintage patterns and travels

Home Sewing and Cooking

Puppydog Tails has just disappeared.

Sewing for real life
Sewing and knitting

McCall's 3101

Sew Me Some Love has moved to Sew In Between

Swing Sewing
Vintage Sewing 

The Dreamstress has moved here.

When Ladies Dressed
Vintage Sewing

When Ladies Dressed - Gown from McCall's 3101

Happy Sewing!

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