Monday, January 31, 2011

La Belle Epoque, Edwardian and WWI Eras ... Sewing Inspiration from Photos and Portraits Past

Another sleepless night; I started surfing for inspiration and found some great photographs and portraits. Though the details are not always as clear as the ads from these eras, I love seeing the women and fashions against the backdrops of the times.

<-- c. 1902 Princess Irene of Hesse from Ann Lauren's blog.

c. 1902 Winifred Duchess of Portland. The collar of her dress looks as if it was inspired by the Elizabethan Era. I wonder what it was made of. It looks so delicate. -->

<-- c. 1905 Portrait of Maria of Romania. I think this gown looks so romantic and relatively comfortable, considering the era.

c. 1908 Mrs. George Jay Gould with her maid. Even the servants of the day seemed to take care and time with their own hair. How did they find the time? -->

^ c. 1910 Les Createurs de La Mode - 9 Salon de Vente - Doucet from Edwardian Era.

<-- c. 1910 Deux Createurs de La Mode, also from Edwardian Era. Please check this site. There are great images on it.

c. 1910's Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna the Younger. -->

<-- c. 1913

c. 1914 Princess Irina of Russia in her Wedding Gown. -->

<-- c. 1915 Quilted Silk on Chiffon Dress from the Library of Congress Bain Collection. This is another terrific resource.

c. 1915 Mrs James McCresap and Bridesmaids from the NYPL Digital Gallery. I wonder why the bride looks so sad. -->

^ c. 1916 Mrs. Edsel Ford and Bridesmaids. Also from the NYPL Digital Gallery.

c. 1916 Dresses by the Dennison Manufacturing Company from the NYPL Digital Gallery. -->

I hope you've found some inspiration too!

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