Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Bed Sheet By Any Other Name ... A Muslin

I was inspired by Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing and her entries on muslins - start with "What's Your Muslin Strategy?" and check out some of the comments as well. I decided that, even though I plan to choose a simple pattern for my first project, I should do a muslin. It's about getting back to basics and working on my skills from the beginning.

Well, it is a busy time for me and I know I won't get to a fabric store soon but I felt a need to make progress towards my first sewing project. There's a bedding store in my neighborhood that's open until 8:00 pm. Coming home I saw they had queen size flat sheets for $9.99. I bought one to use as a muslin. Flat queen size sheets are 81" x 96" which translates to 4.25 yards of 44" wide muslin, making allowance for the hems and finished borders. That's less then $2.50 per yard and I didn't have to spend extra money on public transportation or gas to get to the store.

I'm feeling good about this. I believe I can finish my first project before the end of May.

I hope all of your projects are happy and successful!

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