Friday, August 6, 2010

Sewing and Weight Loss

When I began writing this blog, I did not really think that my return to sewing and my journey to a healthier me would intersect completely. Having read so many blogs before beginning my own, I simply thought I would write about those things I am doing and learning that might be worth sharing, though they might be unrelated to each other.

Well, sewing and weight loss have come together in an inspiring way for me. As I finally begin my first project, and having planned a few future projects, I realize that I am reluctant to plan too many projects because I hope to lose enough weight that I would have to alter eventually most of the pieces I intend to make.

Rather than making me discouraged or inclined to continue to postpone my sewing adventures, it has encouraged me to stick to be more dedicated to my health plan. I notice I am making better food choices and working out when I don't feel like it. Always the thought comes to me that, with just a bit more effort, can I become more fit and make the clothes I want to make.

For now I will concentrate on making basic tops and working on my sewing skills. And I will get healthier and lose the weight I need to lose.

I see so many wonderful women on these blogs, women of all shapes, weights and heights. You are all creating beautiful things through your sewing and crafting. You look wonderful in your photos, not just because of what you are wearing but becuase of how you carry yourselves and how you feel about what you've created. And I realize that this is a constant reminder that after health, the most important thing about weight loss or any change I make in my life is how I feel about it. I am inspired and, as you know, I've been low on inspiration lately.

Thank you for the inspiration! One day I hope to inspire some of you.

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